Linda Jordan
Bands, bikes and brunch, mostly.
Let’s go see Habibi tonight at 285 Kent. 

Two more nights of Chickfactor’s For the Love of Pop. 
Tashaki Miyaki. 
Great band I saw at SXSW. 
Listen here. 
» : Holy Buffet of Insanity :: Ridgewood 1.28.12 Real Estate/Black Dice

I had a good time. 


All your preconceptions of that which should go down within a Chinese buffet can be entirely expelled, straight into the bin.

… And you may wish to take back anything averse you’ve ever uttered about Hipsters (well maybe not ALL of it) … The show thrown by a pack (or is the proper term…

(Source: forgettable-e)


‘Why?’: Remembering Nina Simone’s Tribute To The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Three days after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968, performer Nina Simone and her band played at the Westbury Music Festival on Long Island, N.Y. They performed “Why? (The King of Love is Dead),” a song they had just learned, written by their bass player Gene Taylor in reaction to King’s death.

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